Garden of Religions

The Liberty Lykia Spa & Wellness Centre draws attention with it's distinctive, eye catching Garden of Religions architecture. Offers special massage therapies from the sea views Pavilions to the sound of the sea waves and birds singing. You can enjoy a relaxing sauna at the sauna with sea views. Special therapies promises to enrich your lives with the traditional rituals of the Far East.

The Liberty Lykia section: There are massage pavilions in the open air section (sea views), forest and mountain views, Thai rooms, hot Stones massage rooms, 2 Turkish baths (the use of the Turkish Baths is free, treatments, care etc is payable). 2 sea view saunas, one of which is for females only, whereas the other is mixed. 1 steam room and 2 private massage rooms.

SPA centre; offers a combination of different care programs intended for health, beauty, fitness, relaxation that promises you to experience the special therapies and traditional rituals of the Far East. At our Spa centre, application for skin and body care treatments intended for thinning, tightening and treatment of cellulite, programmed devices such as LPG, G 5 are used which gives effective results after a short time. Panpuri hand-foot and body care products created by natural and exotic herbal ingredients of the Far East. Other services available are European massage and care, double care services and Turkish Bath, foam kese scrub (course mitt or glove) services.

Turkish Bath

Services offered at the Turkish Bath.This art form belongs to the Anatolian culture and resembles a cultural ceremony which relaxes the body. As you come under the influence of the exotic aromas and contagious heat, you will feel like a Sultan as you are transported back to the time of the Ottoman empire. Due to the effects of the hot steam, your skin will begin soften as your body heat increases. You will not be able to rid yourselves from the influence of the Sultan, Pasha and Şehrazat.

When you first enter the Turkish Bath, the therapist will ask you to lie down on the heated ‘Göbek Taş’ which is known as the ‘central stone’ which is positioned in the centre of the Hamam. Here you will feel the heat completely relax your body and soul.

The therapist who possesses the necessary skills to effectively cleanse your body, will begin the process by applying the foamy body scrub known as the ‘kese’ to ensure you are completely relaxed and you feel good. When your entire body is applied with the scrub, you will feel incredibly clean. The skin becomes smooth and soft, while the accelerating blood circulation relaxes and loosens all the contractions.  Afterwards, you will be engulfed by a fragrant lathery haze. After receiving a relaxing massage, your fragrant, lathery body is thoroughly rinsed. The therapist will rejuvenate your muscles by applying aromatic oils and proceed to freely massage your head, hands and feet.

Special Hamam Ritual

You will feel the heat completely relax your mind and soul. The therapist possesses the necessary skill set to effectively cleanse your body will ensure you are totally relaxed and you are feeling good headspace before applying the lathery scrub known as the Kese to your entire body leaving you feeling immaculately cleansed. The skin becomes smooth and soft, while the accelerating blood circulation relaxes and loosens all the contractions.

Bride and groom hamam

Bride & Groom massage, on your special day. We have specially designed this in a unique way to give you a wonderful glow as you will feel revitalised, younger and relieved of all your stress.

After the sauna and steam bath, the therapist who has all the necessary skill set to effectively cleanse your body, will ensure you are relaxed and you are feeling good before applying the lathery scrub known as the Kese to your entire body, leaving you feeling immaculately cleansed. The skin becomes smooth and soft, while the accelerating blood circulation relaxes and loosens all the contractions.

Then, your stress will be further reduced with aromatic oils, applied with massage strokes unique to this Turkish Bath. Of course it does not end with this because once the therapy has been completed we will offer you fruit, Ottoman sorbet and herbal tea whilst you relax in the rest room.

Sanitas Classic Massage

Loosens muscles and relieves stress, sensitive, a deep, intense massage. A massage intended for muscles

Firm or light strokes will stimulate the blood flow. Each cell of the tissue as a results aims to loosen the whole organism.


Ayurveda is the art of old Indian style healing. Ayurveda is a unique adventure with relaxing body treatments and massage techniques that make you feel good.
The meaning of the word Ayurveda means “Consciousness that comes from life”. The secret to beauty care has been explained as “healing and methods of healing ".

Over 5,000 years of empirical research has refined Ayurvedic massage into a sublime art, and yet it is still unheard of by many. However, combining skilled knowledge of the body with knowledge of oils, music, and bodywork techniques has resulted in a profound art for balancing the body and mind through the medium of oil massage.

Ayurveda, on the one hand is a regular way of life and for this a suitable sustenance to prevent diseases whilst showing the ways to escape, on the other hand it enables you to feel content.

Other available Spa Applications


Extraordinarily relaxes the body, spirit and mind. Ayurveda is a complete body massage with oils suitable for your body structure (Prakriti).

This traditional massage alerts the energy channels in the organism, stimulates the blood circulation and energy flow, strengthens the body's defence mechanisms and facilitates the release of harmful substances into the body.

Synchronous –  Regina Massage (4 handed)

Maha Abhyanga -  synchronous (a four-handed complex ayurveda body massage), for those who want to enjoy the full benefits of an oil massage. One of the oldest massages of Ayurveda tradition, a four-handed synchronised massage which supplies harmony to ones body energies. The effect; provides a profound relaxation, loads up the body with energy, relaxes the mind and supports the internal balance. Strengthens the nervous system, purifies and activates cell metabolism.


A unique Ayurveda oil which affects the central nervous system in a positive way relieving stress-related symptoms, insomnia and headaches. The hot Ayurveda oil poured slowly in a controlled manner on to the "Ajna" (forehead ) followed by the "Sahasrara" (crown).


A relaxing combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara. A body massage with warm spice oils relaxing and refreshing your mind and soul. Relaxes the nervous system, stimulates your senses, cleanses and stimulates the energy channels.


This traditional Japanese treatment art form means "finger pressure." This technique applied with manipulative pressure with the hands, balances the bodies internal structure alerting the natural energies. As with the other treatment methods relative to the Far East, here too, the "Chi" or "Ki" supports and balances the energy flow. Shiatsu is applied and performed on the floor whilst wearing a comfortable outfit.

Bali Massage without Oils

During this massage you should wear comfortable clothes. Stimulating your bodies energy points and providing a balanced health of your body and mind. It is a kind of printed massage applied on the futon mattress.

Traditional Bali Massage

A massage specific to the Indonesian region of Bali. Effective pressures is applied on the energy points of the body by soft strokes and necessary stretching movements deeply penetrating the muscle tissue on the surface. This massage balances all the energy centric areas in the body and integrates of all internal systems with each other. This massage technique is complemented by using natural oils eliminating the tension in the muscles which in turn balances, raises the energy levels, providing extraordinary relief to the whole body and mind.

Mandara Massage
(Four handed)

The Mandara Massage, which takes its name from the legendary Bali eternal youth of Mount Mandara. This massage is performed by two therapists implementing two traditional Bali massage techniques in harmony with each other.

Asian deep therapy massage

Compared to the traditional Balinese massage, more pressure is applied. The therapist's arms are also used In this massage technique. Hard pressure massage is applied deeply to various points of the body points.

Thai Massage

Performed by applying  pressure to certain points of the body in order to stimulate the flow of energy and reduce tension in the muscles The Thai Massage, practised with traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. Thai Massage is complemented by implementing stretching movements to your entire body.

La-Stone Therapy

La Stone therapy is an assertive type of massage based on native American Indian healing methods. Warm basalt and cool sedimentary stones are applied to the energy points of the body. The theory behind La Stone massage is that warm stones will encourage the exchange of blood and lymph circulation throughout the body, and provide soothing and healing heat for deep-tissue work.



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