You can enjoy quality time and moments at our private bay and pools that are different from one another.


Water World... The Liberty Lykia is a dream-like haven for pool lovers with its vast array of pools.

If you wish,  you can experience with each stroke the feeling of swimming in the sea as you swim in the over 16's Sarpendon pool, Turkey's very first infinity pool, or you can enjoy sunbathing as you relax by our Pamukkale pool,

if you wish, you can have a wonderful time at the main Liberty pool by joıning in with the poolside activities or games, or should you wish, you can return back to your childhood with your own children at the many pools, water park and pools with water slides...

Try to visit the cave pool and other pools at least once during your stay.


Ölüdeniz is referred to as "paradise bestowed to the world by God ". The epic, legendary tourquoise colour is created by the glistening sunlight reflecting on to the sand and pebbles at the bottom of the sea.

One of the most wonderful and delightful ways for you to begin your day is to take a stroll along our 650 metre coastlal wooden footpath whilst breathing in the clean, fresh, natural sea air.

During the day you can dance to the waves, bringing with it, the soft, cool breeze from the Aegean sea. You can swim in the calm, milk pond like waters of the Mediterraenean sea. However, you will not be able to see a single string of seaweed at the bottom of the sand and pebble covered sea bed.

At the end section of our beach is the ‘Children’s Beach’, specifically designed for families with young children and babies and is the only one of it’s kind in the world.



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