A celebrations of flavors that will evoke your emotions.

An abundance of local and international brands, delicious drinks and cocktails that appeals to all tastes and will enliven all your senses.

Apollon Bar

The "Village square" is the central convention point for those who want to be entertained.

The Apollon bar is the Liberty Lykia’s most popular central focal point for guests who enjoy a broader choice of local and branded imported alcoholic beverages. The discos, many of the shows, evening parties and live sporting events are hosted at the vast, entertaining and lively outdoor venue.

Location: Main area
Capacity: 600 People
Service begins at 10.00 until Midnight.

Apollon Disco Bar

An essential venue for those who want to continue dancing, entertainment and music.

Location: Main Area

Capacity: 150 people.

Service begins at: 23.30 until 02.00

Patara Beach Bar

A wonderful haven for those who want to get away from the excessive evening noise and chat whilst under the gaze of the stars listening to the sound of the sea waves.

A romantic environment where you can enjoy your drinks accompanied by sea views and the sound of the sea waves. You can never tire from watching the amazing sunset from the bar which serves guests on the beach during the day.

Because of it’s close proximity to the sporting venues, it is an ideal bar to relax and unwind in after activities.

Location: Beach

Capacity: 120 people

Service begins at 10.00 until Midnight.

Sarpedon Bar

Exclusively for adults.

Light snacks, nibbles and salads are served only to adults who spend their entire day at the Sarpedon pool.

The bar service continues in the evening at the exquisite "Sarpedon" seafood A La Carte restaurant.

Location: Sarpedon pool area

Capacity: 70 people

Service begins at: 10.00 until 22.00

Tlos Bar

The coolness of the forest shaded by the trees.

located in the middle of the Kid’s Paradise park and Tlos pool serving hot and cold drinks throughout the day. The Tlos Forest Bar’s natural design respects and compliments the natural environment.

Location: Kid’s Paradise area

Capacity: 100 people

Service begins at: 10.00 until 18.00

Lukka Beer House

Authentic decorations consisting of natural materials such as cedar and sycamore trees to decorate the venue. The Lukka Beer house serves an abundant choice of imported branded beers.

In the Village Square, the Lukka Beer house is a favourite haunt for beer worshippers serving a multitude of branded beers in an authentic indoor and outdoor setting.

Location: Main area

Capacity: 50 people

Service begins at: 18.00 until Midnight


Krya Wine House

A wine cellar housing a collection of the finest quality vintage wines. Kept cool during the summer with a roaring fireplace during in the cooler climate.

Located in the Village Square, the Kyra Wine House with it’s indoor and outdoor aspect is a favourite location for wine connoisseurs.

Location: Main area

Capacity: 50 kişi Capacity: 50 people

Service begins at 18.00 until Midnight.

Pamphylia Bar

The Pamphylia Bar is located in the Children's Bay area and offers hot and cold drinks with a menu specially prepared for you and your children.

Location: Children's Bay

Capacity: 50 people

Service begins at: 10.00 until 18.00

Tennis Bar

The essential location for guests who want to enjoy a cool drink after a tennis practise or match.

The Tennis Bar is located within the area of the tennis courts and service is given in this area.

Location: Tennis centre

Capacity: 60 people.

Service begins at: 10.00 until 18.00

Gagai Lobby Bar

A key location for pleasant, jovial nights that lasts until the morning.

Location: Reception area.

Capacity: 50 people

Service begins at: 02.00 until 08.00



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